Mouth Guards

What are Mouth Guards?

We offer custom-fitted sports mouth guards for patients who play close contact sports. Without a mouth guard, you’re risking the health of your teeth and smile. If you get hit in the face, your teeth can easily break, crack, and shatter, causing severe pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, most generic mouth guards aren’t specially fitted to patients’ smiles, leaving gaps and spaces, while providing an ill fit. This is why a custom-made mouth guard is the best option in protecting your teeth.

Why are Mouth Guards needed?

If you or a child plays close contact sports, we’ll recommend that a mouth guard is worn. The mouth guard protects the teeth in a few different ways. Not only does it protect the front of the smile from impact, but it provides a cushion between the upper and lower teeth in the event of clenching. Mouth guards are durable, and can last for years before replacement may be needed.

Rubber Sports Mouth Guard On Boxing Gloves, Sport Equipment.
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Who is a good candidate for Mouth Guards?

Any patient who plays sports can and should have a mouth guard made. These guards protect against trauma to the teeth and mouth. They are comfortable to wear because they’re custom-fitted to the mouth. Mouth guards can be made in a range of different colors so that they match your unique style.

What happens during the procedure to make Mouth Guards?

We begin the process by taking impressions of your teeth and mouth. These molds are used to make the actual mouth guard that you’ll wear. Your second appointment involves being fitted for these guards. We will adjust the fit and bite as necessary, and will instruct you on how to wear them. It is important that you bring the mouth guards with you any time you’re planning on playing sports. If the guards show any signs of wear, it’s important to have them replaced before continuing to wear them to ensure your teeth are fully protected.

If you think you might need a mouth guard or have a child who will benefit from the appliance, call our office today and we will be happy to schedule an appointment.

Female Dentist Puts On A Guy Patient A Mouth Guard (a Removable Orthodontic Teeth Alignment And Correction Trainer Appliance) In Dental Office.

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