Top Tips To Take Care Of A Newborn Baby

Different fears surround the parents of a newborn in terms of medical situations. Read on as we highlight a few tips to consider for medically taking care of a newborn baby. The birth of a child is one of the most fantastic experiences to have in a lifetime. However, it also unleashes a tidal wave of emotions to the household. There is a whole set of risks involved with pregnancy, with closed ones praying for safe delivery. After the child is born, there a mix of feelings, mainly when you focus on its health. However, present pediatricians are more than just children’s specialist doctors, since they help new parents with early struggle associated with childbirth. Today, we’ll highlight a few tips to help you observe your baby’s medical conditions.

Newborn Baby

Avoid Giving Your Baby a Bathe Initially

For the little munchkin to remain perfectly healthy during the tough first month, you should avoid giving a bath to it. Different pediatricians suggest that before the baby’s belly button isn’t healed, don’t bathe it. Moreover, according to pediatricians, you should give your newborn a bath in the daytime to prevent fever or chest congestion.

Keeping Tabs on the Newborn’s Vaccine Shots

Infants are naturally born with immunity antibodies from their time inside the mother. However, these antibodies are temporary. Due to these natural phenomena, different vaccines are present to prevent babies from infecting dangerous diseases in the future. For instance, the baby’s first shot is the hepatitis B vaccine, just after 24 hours of childbirth. Babies get more vaccines in the months to come, with the immunization schedule prepared by your pediatrician. Thus. You must keep tabs on the child’s vaccine schedule and ensure that they receive the shots on-time.

When Should You Call Your Child’s Pediatrician?

Your newborn baby is the apple of your eye, and you never want something happening to it. Thus, to ensure its best interest, you need to communicate your pediatrician when your child has the following medical issues.

  • Tear Duct: When the baby’s tears block, it can cause an eye infection. If that’s the case, call your pediatrician asap.
  • Fever: For a baby to even have a temperature above 100oF is severe. Thus, contact your pediatrician right away.
  • Diarrhea: Most babies have loose stools during the initial month, but watery stools and forceful vomiting need consultation from pediatricians quickly.

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